Android 12 Beta 5 - List of features
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Android 12 Beta 5 – list of fresh features

Android 12 Beta 5 Software Update:

Google has released the Beta version of the most anticipated Android Upgrade –Android 12 Beta 5 which seemingly will be closest to the stable release which will happen in the next few weeks.

You can avail of Beta 5 on your Pixel device including Pixel 5a with 5G by enrolling for OTA updates. Also on select devices from several partners of Google.

This will be Android 12 Final Build for Beta >> The next update will be stable release

Android 12 Beta 5

Read the full changes and feature set –>> Google Blog

You can also watch this video for all the changes in Android 12 Beta 5

What Is in Beta 5?

  • Universal Device Search is Live
    • You can use the top search bar widget to locally search for apps , contacts and similar things with ease
    • There’s option to search with GOOGLE and also set your keyboard to always show up when you swipe into app drawer
    • Setting also allows preferences to be set
  • New and Updated Clock widgets
    • Google has unveiled new batch of clock widgets that finally saw the light of the day beyond trailers and videos
    • Colors appear to be pulled from the colors of your wallpaper which is amazing
    • Dynamic color tweaks and toggles getting tuned
    • Slick animation that helps you switch quickly from clock to home screen
    • Tons of time spent on Alarms that incorporates a brand new UI that allows you to snooze /stop a preset alarm
  • Calculator Material gets you to redesign
    • Keys got designed to circular shapes that closely mimics the pin entry screen
    • Color of the keys aligned to your theme while number pad is simple and utilitarian
  • Nearby Share gets its popup tweaked
    • Pop up UI is more rounded to better suit the rest of the makeover with subtle animation
    • The everyone toggle id pretty with quick settings instead of ‘All Contacts’
  • Lockscreen AOD Tweaks
    • Fine Tuning of Lock screen with clock slightly in the Centre with Date getting increased in font size
    • Weather conditions are kind of being missed hoping that it would return to the forte with Stable release
    • Notifications moved down to the Centre not disturbed by the clock or date
  • Home controls on lock screen
    • Addition of Lock screen Toggles for quick access with new icons and also wallet icon appearing at the right bottom as a device control
    • You can also access your home tech as there is a separate tech option
  • Pixel Launcher ‘At a glance’ customization
    • At a glance which was a hit in previous updates got replaced with
      • Day and Date info with smaller size
      • placement at upper left
      • Weather and calendar events are big emissions
  • stem navigation updates animation
    • New animation when viewing system navigation
    • some changes to the animated UI
    • In all Cleaner aesthetic
  • Easter egg expansion
    • Adding another layer to the popular hidden secret with a home screen widget
      • allows to paint chips
      • Dynamic color palette material that helps activate by Settings >> Rotate clock hands to android 12
        • Pull up bubbles Easter egg now that makes addition of Easter egg to home screen
  • Lockdown mode cannot be disabled
    • This mode is new and here to stay
      • This mode disables biometric Unlocking of device that gets unlocked only with PIN and logging into Beta 5
      • It gets enabled later

These are the features of Beta 5 that tell us that the wait is worth it and it’s just a little while for Google to release the Stable Android Update.

This will be Android 12 Beta 5 last update

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