Android 13 Beta 1 First Impressions & Details

Android 13 Beta 1: First Impressions & Details

Android 13 Beta 1:

Google has finally released the first beta build program for beta testing of Android 13. You should receive Android 13 Beta 1 as an OTA software update. The Android 13 Beta 1 has finally released after two developer reviews in February and March. Google has been working on making a bug-free version for the future building core themes, strengthening privacy and security, and supporting other devices and screens as well.

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Obviously, there are going to be issues with the beta testing since it is the first beta program and three more are to be released before they release the final version later in 2022. But, hopefully, there wouldn’t be some flamboyant issues. Earlier it had received two developer previews which had minor changes in the system.

Release date: April 2022, for Beta 1

Beta 1 introduces updated audio routing APIs and implemented new permissions for more granular access to media files. On May 11 and 12, more information regarding the beta testing and features will be shared at the Google I/O conference. For the next software builds, you will be getting it just like any other normal updates. You’ll get the first beta (and subsequent ones) OTA if you’re already running the installed Android 13 Developer Preview build.

Android 13 Roadmap Release date

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More in Beta 1

  • More granular permissions to access media files
    • The newest upgrades to previously announced features, including the new notification permission, customized app icons, better localization and language support, and more, are included in Beta 1. For Android 13, they have also been working on the privacy and security areas to improve the experience of the users while providing them with new APIs.
    • They are also introducing more granular permissions for access to some media files. Earlier, one permission was asked for all the three formats, which paved the way for access to all the media files. But now, they have broken it down into three different permissions- images, audio, and video.
  • Enhanced reporting of errors in Keymint and Keystore
    • Talking about new peculiarities, you can now change the procedures for key generation, signing, and encryption. You should now be able to retry key generation thanks to the enhanced error reporting. Using KeyStore and KeyMint, you now have more detailed and accurate error indicators.

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Features To Look For

  • Build Number
    • The Android 13 Tiramisu (TPB1.220310.029) pre-release version update size is [429 MB – 1GB].
  • Lock Screen
    • Starting from the basics, you can see the sentence “Enter your PIN” when you switch on your Pixel smartphone. While entering your pin, the impressions on the keypad have been improved and customized which is another cool feature of the Android 13 Beta 1.
    • Another cool feature that has been introduced/added in the pre-release is the “Control from locked device“. If you go to the settings, then in Display, and then Lockscreen, you’ll find an option named “Control from locked device“. This feature will let you control external devices in your home without unlocking your phone. Just simply switch on the phone and on the bottom left, you can access all the options such as switching on/off office lamps or lights.
  • Wallpapers
    • In the new version, you have an abundance of wallpapers and basic colours to choose from Material YOU dual colours. There are more than 10 different palettes and four sections of basic colours so you can easily customize the display of your phone whilst having many colours and styles to choose from.
  • Refined Media and Tiles Settings
    • You can see some of the icon changes when you scroll down for tiles and settings. Secondly, Priority Mode has been changed to Do Not Disturb mode. Some little changes in the Cast device option can also be seen such as light theme and icon replacement.
  • Change in Settings
    • Talking about overall changes in settings, some of the previously added features in the Developer Preview have been either removed or their place has been shifted to another tab or settings. The names of some of the features have also been changed. For example, Follow Typing is now called as Magnify Typing. App Languages feature has been removed in Beta 1. A graphical presentation can also be seen or viewed under Button Navigation.
  • Screen Resolution
    • Google is also working on providing users with the option to adjust the screen resolution. Basically, the user will be provided with two resolutions of adjustments- 1080p FHD+ and 1440p QHD+.

Devices Eligible for Android 13:

  • Google Pixel 4
  • Google Pixel 4 XL,
  • Google Pixel 4a,
  • Google Pixel 4a 5G,
  • Google Pixel 5,
  • Google Pixel 5a,
  • Google Pixel 6 and,
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro

App Testing

For developers, there are many more details to look into and explore including the privacy features, Bluetooth LE audio, and the new list of APIs that improve audio routing and build a great experience for the user. You can also check the compatibility of the applications in Android 13 to rule out any bugs for the version in the future. If any bugs are found, the updates for the application shall be timely released.

We can expect three more beta releases by the company in the future. In June and July, they will be proceeding towards Platform Stability and furthermore, we can expect the final release of Android 13 later in 2022. Until then, applications should get the compatibility testing, and bring the updates as per the compatible version of the app because, in the upcoming weeks, more users will be testing the Beta 1 release and find issues with the concerned application.

Should You Install It?

While Google has released Android 13 Beta 1 for the users, there have been issues of screen freezing and instability while using the new version. It’s just Beta 1 of the version and Google will be taking this to Beta 4, so it is advised that you should wait for other beta versions to be released so that your phone may handle the newest version without any loss or lags.

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