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Our mission is to empower software in its best possible way and represent it in such a way that will let users understand it, with the best in class user experience to bloatware-free User Interface.

UpdatifyNow focuses on bringing the latest news on software updates from various devices & apps. Because we want to showcase how important software is then, the actual hardware of the device, we make sure people get a good software experience & regular updates.

Paid Reviews

We are committed to bringing only the best and most accurate piece of information to you guys, At the same time in order for us to survive, we might integrate some “Paid” Posts or Articles.

We will be sure to give our unbiased reviews where ever necessary and possible. And we will try to integrate One sponsored content with Other content if possible so as to maintain marketing promotion

But we will be sure to mention it at the beginning or at the end with a “Disclaimer Policy” whether it is Sponsored or Affiliates or Promotion.


We will make mistakes and we will publicly apologize and own up to these mistakes when they happen. We hope by being fully transparent and honest we can restore or repaid your trust in us through these incidents.


We are currently 100% employee-owned and we aim to keep it that way. No large investors who only care about profit, And pushing wrongful content be it right or wrong we will only support our readers first.


Above all, we prioritize the quality and reliability of our news, though because of a small team we may delay it, but we will be improving every day to give you fast & exclusive pieces of information. Added new features, marketing, fundraising, and affiliates come after because we truly care about your website and success.

Making Internet Safe

The internet should be a safe space for everyone, regardless of religion, job, income, identity, race, gender, ethnicity, or legal status. We have strict zero-tolerance policies against content that is illegal, infringes the rights of copyright holders, purposely slanders others for the purpose of causing harm, targets a specific group of people because of said attributes, or is discriminatory in nature.

At the same time, we believe in free speech and we will never remove something that we disagree with or speaks negatively about us, or is controversial, as long as it does not incite violence or unrest or target a specific group of people.

Interlinking & Web-mentions

We are working hard every day to bring a reliable piece of news & information. If you are a small website owner or small youtuber, we would be delighted if you could link us in the description or integrate inside text be it a website or any other social media platform. We would not do anything rational unless we are attributed properly.

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