Google Pixel Series May 2022 Security Patch
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Google Pixel Series: May 2022 Security Patch

Google Pixel Series Software Update:

Google Pixel series has started receiving the incremental update of the May 2022 Android security patch via OTA for some eligible models. On the first Monday of each month, Google releases the Android Security Bulletin. Pixel users have received the update in the first week of May.

Talking about the new improvements in the system, the new update fixed a graphical error where the device woke up without the user intervention. Some modifications to sensory feedback in specific situations and scenarios can also be seen in the Sensors. In some circumstances, the launcher might crash after restarting the device in certain circumstances.

The May 2022 security patch was released on 2nd May, 2022.

From Pixel 3a to Pixel 6 Pro, all the devices supporting Android 12 are receiving the update. Remember that this is a staged rollout. It is rolling out in phases to ensure that no critical bugs are found and users will receive the OTA notification once the update is available for their Pixel device.

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Eligible Devices for May 2022 Security patch with their launch dates

All these Pixel devices have received the Android 12 update. These supported devices are therefore receiving the May 2022 security patch update – Improvements & patch fixes

  • Pixel 3a (XL)  – 15th May 2019 with Android 9 
  • Pixel 4 (XL)  – 22nd October 2019 with Android 10 
  • Pixel 4a  – 05th November 2021 with Android 11
  • Pixel 4a (5G)  – 05th November 2021 with Android 11
  • Pixel 5  – 15th August 2021 with Android 11
  • Pixel 5a (5G)  – 26th August 2021 with Android 11
  • Pixel 6  – 28th October 2021 With Android 12
  • Pixel 6 Pro  – 28th October 2021 With Android 12

For most of the Pixel devices, Android 12 may be the last update except for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Update Details

  • Devices with Software versions
    • Pixel 3a (XL):    SP2A.220505.002
    • Pixel 4 (XL):      SP2A.220505.002
    • Pixel 4a:           SP2A.220505.002
    • Pixel 4a (5G):   SP2A.220505.002
    • Pixel 5:              SP2A.220505.002
    • Pixel 5a (5G):   SP2A.220505.002
    • Pixel 6:              SP2A.220505.002
    • Pixel 6 Pro:       SP2A.220505.002
  • Android: Android 12
  • UI: Stock UI with Google Material You
  • Update type: Software Update/Security patch 
  • Security Patch: May 2022
  • Region: Globally
  • Release date: 2nd May 2022
Google Pixel Series May 2022 Security Patch with Android 12

Source>> Google

Official Changelog

  • What’s Included
    • The May 2022 update includes bug fixes and improvements for Pixel users – see below for details.
  • Display / Graphics
    • Fix for issues occasionally causing the display to wake without user interaction *[1].
  • Sensors
    • Improvements for haptic feedback under certain conditions and use cases *[2].
  • User Interface
    • Fix for issue causing launcher crash after restarting the device in certain conditions *[1].

How long does Google Pixel’s Android take for the update?

Pixel phones receive Android version updates for at least three years from their launch date.

Pixel phones get security updates for at least 3 years from when the device first became available on the Google Store. Up to Google Pixel 5A, the software policy remains the same.

Pixel 6 Series to get up to 5 years of Security Patch.

How to update your Pixel Smartphone?

To check for updates in your pixel phone, you need to:

  • Open your phone’s Settings app
  • Near the bottom, tap System > Advanced > System update.
  • You’ll see your update status. Follow any steps on the screen.
  • Check for an Update:
    • To check if a security update is available, tap Security update.
    • To check if a Google Play system update is available, tap Google Play system update.

Do check periodically to see if an update is available.

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