Dark Mode Instagram on Samsung Phone

How to enable dark mode Instagram on Samsung Phone

Samsung is perhaps the most well-known brand in the smartphone market. Due to its numerous features and characteristics, Samsung smartphones are becoming more and more popular day by day. Samsung has tried every time to make loyal customers by offering a wide range of products and features that satisfied customers’ needs. Samsung distinguishes itself from its competitors by adopting an innovative strategy and unconventional mindset.

One of the popular features in Samsung smartphones is dark mode Instagram. That dark color scheme not only makes videos and pictures more immersive but also offers numerous advantages that will improve and simplify your life.  For lowering eye strain and conserving battery capacity, this feature is common in applications like Instagram. Almost all of the Instagram displays in blacked out using dark mode, which also looks fantastic and enjoyable for Android users like Samsung.

 It’s worth getting familiar with the use of dark mode on Instagram that Samsung Phone offers. This guide will help you to learn how to enable dark mode on a Samsung phone.

How to enable dark mode on Instagram

Advantages of dark mode Instagram on Samsung Phone

In today’s world, the dark way has become one of the most common and popular features that Samsung users look at on Instagram. This dark mode feature has many benefits. Firstly, it consumes less power which saves the battery life of your phone. Secondly, it reduces your exposure to bright light which harms your sleep.

Enabling dark-mode Instagram on Samsung phones is very easy. Switching on dark mode Instagram is indeed quite worthwhile for Samsung users. This dark mode feature is not only attractive; there are other benefits as well. If you are a Samsung user; this dark mode is likely to consume less battery than the standard mode. To reduce power usage, this sort of screen entirely disables its pixels while the screen is black.

The dark mode is a new feature that is coming out on the latest version of Instagram. Now, if you don’t ever use it, this guide will help you how to turn it on and enjoy having a dark theme on Instagram. Additionally, it’s wonderful if you love dark mode. Instagram is one of the popular applications to add a dark theme to its interface. With the most recent upgrade, Samsung users may now access Instagram’s dark mode.

Ideally, the dark mode is applicable for devices running AMOLED and few of the Samsung budget devices come with TFT or LCD Screens which might not help in reducing the battery life of the device, but help reduce strain in the eyes of the user.

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Steps to enable dark mode on the Instagram app

These steps are ideal for Samsung mobile users who only want dark mode on the Instagram app and don’t want to system-wide dark theme. This dark mode feature is presently available to Android 10 users. 

Before turning the dark mode on, it is important to keep in mind that your Instagram is updated to the most recent version. It is also known as night mode and it is a relatively brand-new option on Instagram. 

Here are 6 steps for Samsung users to enable dark mode on the Instagram app.

  • Step 1: Launch the Instagram application
  • Step 2: Select the profile image icon to access your user profile in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Step 3: To access the menu, choose the icon with three parallel lines in the upper right corner. 
  • Step 4: Now, open the settings option
  • Step 5: Select the Theme by scrolling the page down. 
  • Step 6: Three options will appear on the Set theme page; Dark, light, and System Default. To change your Instagram to dark mode, select dark. 

When your smartphone theme is set to a schedule, the System Default option can be very helpful. When you enable this feature, the Instagram application switch between different modes and syncs its theme with your smartphone theme. 

After completing these instructions, if your Instagram doesn’t turn dark and its colors remain the same, close the app and reopen it.

Last Words

This guide provides a detailed overview of the dark mode feature on Instagram and how to enable this on Samsung Mobile Phones.

In conclusion, Samsung strives to make consumers’ daily lives easier and better with its cutting-edge designs for appealing and inventive devices. By following these instructions, you can enable dark mode Instagram on Samsung Phones. The process is easy and you can quickly change your smartphone to dark mode.


Top 10 Best Video Editor for Every Usage in 2022

Top 10 Best Video Editors for Every Usage in 2022

Best Video Editors for 2022

Video editing is one of the most priced fields in the content, with highly skilled editors earning a big amount. Creative editors who also double as influencers have a wide taste and range of audiences with their combination of skills and creativity.

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Whatever the requirement always content is the king, the more an editor has knowledge of editing and presenting the vital aspects the better it gets as a creator or professional.

Videos Rule the Content

Whether it’s Instagram Reels or YouTube videos, videos are ruling the content world right now. Just one scroll and you can explore content around the world. The way content is making a substantial impact in the world, video editing would become a necessary skill to become eligible for writing or other jobs in the future. Want to make a beautiful happy birthday video for your best friend but have no prior skill or knowledge? Don’t worry!

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We’ve put up a list of the top 10 best video editors for every usage and supporting Mobile/Web/PC/Windows/MAC devices. You can easily navigate through simple and professional video editing software as we have divided them into two sections for your ease of access. It’s time to master those platforms and edit videos the way you’ve always wanted.

5 Simple Video Editing Software in 2022

1. Filmora

Filmora - Updatifynow

Wondershare Filmora is a user-friendly video editing software having over 2 million active users and more than 50 million downloads globally. Filmora is a powerful video editing software and apart from that, Wondershare also offers FilmoraGo to edit videos on your smartphone and Filmora Scrn for editing and screen recording.

The design is very attractive and user friendly. Filmora also offers “Easy Mode” feature which makes it very simple for beginners to edit and share videos by dragging and dropping down clips and choosing from a wide range of royalty-free music. You can either use the Filmora software from Wondershare or download their Android application FilmoraGo from Google Play store to edit your videos in mobile phones.

  • Pricing: 30-day free trial
  • Individual: $7.99 per month
  • Business: $155.88 per year 
  • Products:
    • FilmoraGo (for mobile video editing)
    • Filmora Scrn (for editing and screen recording)
  • Key Features:
    • Easy Mode for beginners
    • 4K Editing & GIF Support
    • Impressive titling features and tools
  • Beginner-Friendly: 10/10

2. iMovie

iMovie - Updatifynow

If you’re an Apple user, then you must know iMovie. iMovie is a software that bridges the gap between professional and amateur video production. With its wide range of filters and free soundtracks, iMovie is the best video editing software for Apple users. iMovie is also editor’s choice because of its noteworthy suited themes which include Travel, Sports and much more.

Best thing about using iMovie is that you don’t need excellent video editing skills or prior knowledge to use iMovie. Apple regularly updates the platform with new filters and other features. Don’t worry, if you’re a beginner. iMovie has it all!

  • Pricing: Free for Apple users
  • Compatibility: iMovie works on all modern Apple devices
  • Key Features:
    • User-friendly interface
    • Numerous Built-in themes
    • Transitions, Music, and text overlays making the editing process effortless
  • Beginner-Friendly: 10/10

3. Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio - Updatifynow

Corel VideoStudio is known for its best in class features on their editing software providing 4k video support, Ultra HD, and 360-degree VR feature which takes your editing to the next level. Corel VideoStudio has been the top choices for video editors since it’s powerful editing software comes with picture-in-picture (PiP), transitions, 3D editing, and dozens of other snazzy effects. One of the most distinctive feature about the software is the motion tracking.

The Multipoint motion tracking allows you to track various objects in your video and helps in adding cool stuffs and other objects in your video. With tons of tools on the side, the editing software is easy-to-use and really quick rendering which tops all the other editing softwares.

  • Pricing: 30-day free trial
  • Pro version: $79.99, or $59.99 for upgrades
  • Ultimate: $99.99, or $79.99 for upgrades
  • Compatibility: Supports Windows
  • Key Features:
    • Cool Motion Tracking
    • 360-degree & VR Support
    • Multicam & 3D editing
    • Dozens of Snazzy effects
  • Beginner-Friendly: 9/10

4. PowerDirector

PowerDirector - Updatifynow

All of the features of PowerDirector’s desktop version are combined into a simplified mobile user interface. This features multi-track, 1080p support, tons of transitions and 4K editing, which adds a polished touch to your videos and lets you share the best content around the world. Even after so many years, PowerDirector is still the no.1 choice for many editors.

Not just that, PowerDirector easily lets you trim and adjust your video according to your choice, add designed and catchy transitions with mind-blowing effects with just drag and drop. You don’t need to open your social media applications to post your videos when PowerDirector lets you share them with a single click. While it offers 1080p HD export feature, with its pro version, you can even export 4k videos in your gallery.

  • Pricing:
    • 30-day trial version – PowerDirector
    • Completely free – PowerDirector Essential
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Key Features:
    • 8M+ royalty-free images, audios, and videos
    • 4k export in Pro version
    • Versatile editing Software
  • Beginner-Friendly: 10/10

5. InVideo

inVideo - Updatifynow

The best part about InVideo is that it is based on browser so you don’t have to download any software or worry about losing your editing progress. While it’s hosted on the cloud, InVideo offers tons of cool transitions, effects, stickers, and templates which makes it easier for beginners to edit their videos without any prior skill or knowledge.

The free plan of InVideo comes with a watermark but if you purchase their business and unlimited plans, with no watermarks, you can also access unlimited premium photos, exports, and more! InVideo has a collection of 4000+ templates and more than 8 million iStock images and videos which not only benefits the beginners but also helps advanced users spice up their content.

  • Pricing: completely free
  • Compatibility: Web-based
  • Key Features:
    • Well-suited for both beginners and advanced users
    • 8M+ iStock images, videos, and music
    • 4000+ templates
  • Beginner-Friendly: 9/10

5 Professional Video Editing Software in 2022

6. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve - Updatifynow

Despite being obviously professional-level video editing software, Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve has been the most favorite video editor for the professional creators. The free version of DaVinci Resolve offers some powerful features such as motion graphics, video editing, color coding & correction, tons of effects, and much more. No wonder the software is widely used by creators around the world when it has such robust features to offer.

For a professional video editing software, it takes sometime to get used to the interface and other tools. Only after a little investment of time into the software would make it much easier to understand the workflow standards. Talking about the software requirements, you need atleast 16 GB of RAM to run it smoothly since the software itself is a 2.4 GB download.

  • Pricing: Free version available
  • Compatibility: macOS, Windows 10, & Linux
  • Key Features:
    • Motion Graphics, Color correction, audio editing
    • a wide variety of editing tools for fine control
    • Refined interface and unlimited video tracks

7. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro - Updatifynow

Adobe Premiere Pro is arguably the most comprehensive piece of video editing software available because to its nearly unmatched feature set, support for 360 VR and 4K, and newly added capability to store, organize, and share files online. Containing all the absolute state-of-the-art tools and features, Premiere Pro has proved to be one of the best professional video editing software in the market.

Besides the standard features of a video editing software, Adobe offers Auto Reframe, familiar editing interface, automatic caption generation tool, and learning mode features which really makes them stand out from the rest of us. Though it takes a little time to get used to the professional editing interface, longtime Premiere Pro users appreciate the features Adobe is offering in its software.

  • Pricing:
    • Yearly commitment: $20.99/month
    • Annual upfront: $239.88
    • Month-to-month plan: $31.49/month
  • Compatibility:
    • macOS 10.15 or later, Windows 10 1909 or later, and Windows 11
  • Key Features:
    • 360-degree VR and 4k Support
    • Auto Reframe, automatic caption generation, Learning mode
    • Defined interface with state-of-the-art tools

8. Apple Final Cut Pro X

Apple Final Cut Pro X - Updatifynow

If you’re an Apple user and you’re looking for a professional video editing software, Final Cut Pro X is what you’re looking for. The most recent version of the software includes sophisticated motion tracking, support for editing videos captured in the iPhone 13’s Cinematic mode, duplicate clip identification, voice isolation, and performance enhancements. It also offers various focus options for the video shots in the Cinematic Mode for iPhone 13.

Some more prominent features include Smart Conform, which adjusts and resizes the widescreen content according to the social media formats which is much similar to the Auto Refame feature in Premiere Pro. You’ll never get such fast performance and absolute state-of-the-art features such as magnetic trackless in any other software which is why Apple Final Cut Pro X is the number 1 choice for professional editors.

  • Pricing: $299
  • Compatibility: macOS Catalina 10.15.6 or later
  • Key Features:
    • Magnetic & trackless timeline (repositions clips so they fit around clips you drag into position)
    • Multicam support
    • Auto face detection & other professional tools
    • 360-degree support & expansive colour spaces

9. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express - Updatifynow

HitFilm Express is a powerful video editing software which appeals to both amateurs and professional video editors. With excellent features and fast rendering quality, HitFilm Express is a completely free software supporting both Windows and Mac, though it doesn’t support Linux. A number of new functions and enhancements have been added to HitFilm Express, including the capacity to record voice-overs and support for H.265 files.

HitFilm Express is the greatest free video editing software among the many options available, while it is not as feature-rich as the best video editing software packages overall. While there may be a steep learning curve for beginners, as you become familiar with the interface, HitFilm Express may become your favourite video editing software.

  • Pricing: Hitfilm Express is free of cost
  • Compatibility:
    • macOS 10.14 Mojave or later
    • Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit) or later
  • Key Features:
    • 100% free of cost
    • Keyframing, Motion Tracking, 3D support
    • Voiceover feature, cool transitions, compositing
    • Supports H.265 codec (HEVC)

10. Lightworks

Lightworks - Updatifynow

Lightworks is a free professional video editing software supporting Windows, Linux, and Mac. The free version of Lightworks comes with a great set of features and does most of the video editing tasks. Pulp Fiction, Jerry Maguire, and The Wolf of Wall Street are just a handful of the numerous films that have been edited using the software, which has a long history in the film industry.

Lightworks is a great way to start editing video; it’s easy to use, offers excellent editing tools, can cut videos, combine video, audio, and image files, offers compatibility with many formats, and is very user-friendly. While the 720p export limit may be a disadvantage in the free version, the set of features provided by Lightworks still leaves many editing software behind.

  • Pricing: Free version available (no 30-day trial)
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, & Linux
  • Key Features:
    • Clean user-friendly interface
    • Dozens of standard features in just a free version
    • Very impressive audio controls and Keyframes

The Bottom Line

Every video editing software has its own pros and cons. While you may need one software for simple usage, some features may be locked for premium services. It all comes down to you and your usage. If you’re a professional YouTuber or a freelancer, professional video editing platforms are the best-suited options for you. Even though they come at a price, the returns are higher too.

Again, if you’re just starting out your video editing journey, beginner-friendly software are the one to start with to become familiar with the tools that are usually present in such programs. Consider your compatibility, usage, and other factors and then choose the right video editing for yourself and begin your journey!

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Top 10 Content Marketing Software in 2022

Top 10 Content Marketing Software in 2022

What is Content Marketing Software:

In content marketing, we create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience or generate leads. The ultimate aim is to drive profitable customer action for Individuals, Businesses & Enterprises.

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Based on the definition above, content marketing software can be defined as a computer program that manages the content creation process or parts of the process from start to finish. Here we are covering SaaS-based software for the main purpose of Spreading or Reaching a wider audience pool which has existing data, offered by this software.

Content marketing software is sometimes referred to as a Content Marketing Platform (CMP).

Some of the tasks that can be accomplished using content marketing software include planning the content calendar, raising brand awareness, collecting data, leads, and generating reports. 

Top Content Marketing Software:

Here’s a shortlist of the best content marketing Software out there in 2022


1. Buffer

 A simple tool designed by the software designers to connect those who generate content with those responsible for approving it, Buffer is a powerful tool for small businesses that want to drive engagement with social media. With the tool, you can create content and post it simultaneously to multiple social media platforms.

Buffer costs from $15/month for eight social channels and one user. The free plan allows up to three social channels and one user. 

The platform covers all aspects of content marketing, from strategy to execution, with tools like Stories and Hashtag Planner, as well as Post Analytics and Custom reports to help you analyze the effects of your efforts.

Hive for Marketers
Hive for Marketers

2. Hive For Marketers

A content marketing campaign must produce tangible results, which is why Hive for Marketers created this tool to assist managers and other decision-makers. A content marketing project can be estimated and tracked using this tool. As a result, teams can defend their work by showing the resources they have used, as well as the changes that have been realized.

Hive for Marketers costs from $12/user/month and offers a free trial lasting 14 days.

Hive for Marketers has a nice feature that allows task owners to construct projects from their sub-tasks. External users can also be added to teams without incurring additional costs. If you want clients to be able to check the progress of their projects from your project management application, this is a must-have feature.


3. Semrush

In order to focus on SEO and analyze what is working for the competition, Semrush is an excellent tool. According to the tool’s developers, 20 billion keywords, 310 million ads, and 17 billion URLs are crawled daily. These data give you real-time recommendations on how to improve your marketing.

Semrush costs from $119.95/team/month. It also offers a free account with limited features. 

Semrush’s inclusion of link building is one of the features that has earned it a spot on several top content marketing software lists. Aside from providing technical audits, keyword research, and competition espionage, it’s also worth noting that the program offers a full array of SEO management tools to everyone who utilizes it.

Integrate Marketing

4. Integrate

A content marketing team in a B2B setting faces greater challenges than that faced by B2C content marketers. Therefore, Integrate created a tool to help content marketing teams identify compliant leads in B2B settings. In this way, teams can avoid spending time creating content for and interacting with leads that fail.

You can request a demo to test the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform and learn more about pricing.

Integrate is among the top content management software due to its outstanding customer service staff. Furthermore, the tool makes it simple to see an audience’s demographic split, providing you with an idea of the location and job titles of the individuals interacting with your material, allowing you to better understand your audience.

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5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is designed to assist users with managing social media content creation conversations more efficiently. It provides you with information about how your posts are doing, informs you when your brand is mentioned on social media and allows you to keep track of social media conversations. Additionally, all of your image assets can be accessed from the Hootsuite dashboard, ensuring you have everything you need right at your fingertips when creating a post.

Hootsuite costs from $19/user/month and offers a 30-day free trial on each plan. 

One of the things that makes Hootsuite one of the greatest software packages for content marketing is its freemium plan. When compared to similar plans from other firms, this plan provides significantly more alternatives. The calendar-based content planner also provides a birds-eye perspective of everything, making it easy to discover content gaps.


6. Funnel

When your company fails to manage and use its data effectively, all the data it accumulates will be of little value. In addition to helping teams organize and understand their data, Funnel makes it easier to create reports based on the analyzed data. It helps teams bring their data to a central repository.

Funnel costs from $399/month (billed annually) and comes with a free demo and free trial.  

The major reason Funnel is on our list is that it enables content marketers to work with data from a wide range of sources without having to code. Coding is a time-consuming process. Additionally, the tool’s capacity to construct bespoke metrics from all of the data it gathers from numerous sources decreases the risk of report errors.


7. Monday.com

Teams cannot visualize the connection between different types of content when it comes to content marketing. The content management templates from monday.com solve this challenge for you. Using the templates, you can organize your workflows according to the writer, type of content, client, or deadline using different labels and colours.

Monday costs from $8/user/month and offers a free forever plan for up to two seats. 

Monday’s easy UI is one of the main aspects that makes it a fantastic content management platform. Email alerts are converted into prioritized tasks using this technology. The Board feature creates a fully configurable table where team members can see how far others have progressed with a particular aspect of the ideation, development, or analysis process.

Pixelee TurnTo

8. Pixelee TurnTo

The Pixelee content management platform helps marketing teams manage customer content, influencer content, and private social media accounts. It is because people tend to believe things they hear from those they trust rather than from big brands that traditional advertising is being overtaken by content marketing. Marketers who wish to reach as many people as possible have become increasingly concerned with managing influencers.

You will need to contact Pixelee and request a demo to get an idea of the software’s pricing plans. 

This is improved by making it simpler to get material, obtain authorization to use content, and leverage content provided by users and other private persons. This software will help your team generate authentic content that resonates with your consumers since they are the ones who make it.


9. Dot

If you want your customers to remember you, you must implement interactive experiences. Dot.vu is designed to help content marketers do that. As a result of these interactive experiences, the software helps you collect insights that allow you to improve your content and keep your audiences engaged for longer periods of time.

Dot.vu costs from $450/user/month, and you can book a free demo on the company’s website. 

Dot.vu is a fantastic tool since it is one of the most straightforward interactive content generation platforms on the market today. It includes over 100 templates from which you may choose an experience, brands it, arranges data collecting, publishes and embed content, and monitor performance.


10. Ceros

Ceros’ inventors state that when they designed the program, they were aware that certain businesses did not have the finances to hire marketing agencies. As a result, our SaaS solution is designed to allow you to accomplish the majority of your content marketing responsibilities in-house.

You will need to contact Ceros to get an idea of the software’s pricing plans.

Ceros has entered my list of best content marketing tools because it aims to fill a void in the content marketing space: producing landing pages. Ceros is commonly utilized by graphic design teams in most businesses, who find its drag-and-drop creation platform quite beneficial.


So, these were some of the newest or the most used Content Marketing Software out there in the market, We hope to uncover more such unique software for Individuals, Businesses & Enterprises. If you guys have any recommendations or lists you want us to prepare, Do reach out to us via the Social Media Channels Below or Mail us at [email protected] for special requests or Interesting Stories.

Thanks for reading, consider sharing our website with others if they like what we do 🙂

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Top 10 Business Ideas You can Start under $500 in 2022

Top 10 Business Ideas You Can Start Under $500 in 2022

Start a business under $500:

Business is changing, ideas are developing, and people are wanting more and more services every day. When you know your customer base and needs, sometimes, $500 or less is enough to start your business. Not every business requires thousands of dollars worth of investment and with just a little spare money of yours, there’s a business you can run. But what are those businesses that need just $500 dollars to kickstart?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With your skills and knowledge and our article, we will be covering the top 10 business ideas you can start with under $500. So let’s talk business.

Have $500 bucks, that’s All you need to get started.

We have categorized the business ideas into two segments, as times are changing, we have two types of people mainly Introverts & Extroverts. So we have listed 5 businesses which can be done Online & 5 businesses which can be done offline.

One thing to keep in mind is this approach, is suitable for Students, Freelancers & Small Gig Workers, If you’re forming a Sole Proportier or Small Company, the Registration Cost can go upwards of $100 based on the region & type of Business. This is just a list without any form of Registration or Authenticity. Pure & Simple form of Hustle.

>> 5 Online Business Ideas Under $500

1. Website Designing

Website Designing

Every day, the number of businesses is increasing and more & more people will be wanting to run their businesses online. That’s where websites step in. It’s not just about new businesses but the existing ones would also want to expand their business in the offline and online world. Website designers usually charge $50-60 per project.

As you gain expertise in this field, you can also start offering complimentary services which would definitely bring a decent amount of money to the table. This is why Website Designing is a profitable and demanding business in 2022:

  • Low-Investment business
  • Demand for websites will never go down
  • You can work from anywhere
  • High Income as you gain expertise
  • More opportunities and big projects after you’ve gone professional

2. Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Freelancing could be a terrific small business choice for you if you are a great writer or a detail-oriented editor. The investment in this business is modest if you already have a laptop and an Internet connection. The majority of your business costs for freelancing will come from marketing yourself to attract new clients. From writing articles and blog posts to technical writing and training manuals, the possibilities are unlimited. Determine your areas of strength and begin there.

  • Minimal cost business
  • Professional freelance writers earn thousands of dollars
  • A laptop and an internet connection will start your business
  • Big projects and opportunities on a professional level

3. Online Teaching

Online Teacher

The pandemic came, and schools and colleges were closed but teaching was never off. As more and more students are preferring to study online, the tutoring industry would be one of the best and cheapest ideas. If you’ve got skills and knowledge, all your investment is just a laptop and a mic and boom, your business is set up. This is why online tutoring/teaching will never fail:

  • Low One-time Investment
  • Easy to set up
  • Millions of students prefer online teaching today
  • High profitability as your only investment further is your knowledge
  • Many expansion opportunities once you’re popular

4. Transcribing Videos & Podcasts

Transcribing Video & Podcast Audio

YouTubers and podcasters frequently wish to convert their audio and video content into eBooks, blog posts, and other formats. This could be a low-cost business to start if you have a quick typing speed and can effectively transcribe audio to text.  Only a computer and possibly some transcription software will be required for your start-up costs.

Transcribing may be a little hard to start with since it’s hard to get the first clients and the pay is a little low but as you go professional in the transcribing business, there are big opportunities in this business ahead.

  • Low-cost business
  • Easy to set up – A computer and a software
  • Huge opportunities on a professional level
  • Work from any part of this world

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5. Sell Online

Sell Online

If one can order clothes and other stuff while brushing their teeth or just lying down, then you should be the one selling the products online. With a start-up cost of $500, you can sell your apparel, collectables, etc. on Amazon, eBay, etc. and make a fortune.

Since the pandemic, more people have switched to e-commerce marketplaces and this is the right opportunity for you to start your online selling business. Don’t let the spare money rot, start a business today.

  • Low-cost inventory
  • Easy to set up a website or sell on online stores
  • Sell higher than the cost price and make huge profits
  • Expansion opportunities once you establish online
  • Build a brand

>> 5 Offline Business Ideas Under $500

6. T-shirt Business

T-Shirt Business

One of the popular businesses with low investment and high profitability is the T-shirt Business. Heat pressers and heat transfers will cost you a couple of hundred bucks and you can start selling T-shirts to the local market, partner with other brands, local teams, and more.

People are actually doing this business for a while and making profits. Sell customized t-shirts on demand and have huge bucks for it. People are buying stuff like this daily so this is the right opportunity if you want to start this business.

  • Less than $500 investment
  • Huge marketplace
  • Sell customized t-shirts and make good profits
  • Expansion opportunities further once you’ve established yourself in the market

7. Rental Business

Rental Business

Don’t let your basement, unused bedroom or garage stay dull. Make money out of it. Many websites and offer rental opportunities where you could rent your storage or driveway and make a couple of hundred bucks with it. Just a small amount will be deducted by the application used when you rent your space.

Websites like Neighbor even help you in renting your unused bedroom or other storage space. It helps you connect with the users who want space for their items or personal use and while you’ve rented your space, you’ve started your own rental business. While you grow your business, in the future, you can buy small houses and properties and rent them for profitable rates. So while you’re sitting at home on your couch, you’re making profits.

  • Minimal or no-cost business
  • Rental Income can increase with the development
  • Stable Income
  • Expansion opportunities are immensely profitable
  • Perfect for side hustle too

8. Clay Artifacts

Clay Artifacts

Have good pottery skills? It’s time to earn some money out of it. People are buying this stuff all the time for home decorations and more. Creativity in your clay artifacts will surely boost your sales and you can earn some good bucks out of it.

One more advantage is this is a low-cost business and it doesn’t require much investment to start with. So, what are you waiting for? Work with those magic hands and create some creative clay artifacts and start your business today!

  • Low-investment business
  • Easy to start
  • Creativity will always be appreciated more
  • Expansion opportunities such as displaying your clay art at various events.

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9. Become a Baker

Become a Baker

Can you cook brownies, cakes, and other tasty treats? Yes? Then it’s time to start a business out of it. While this may seem like a higher investment business, it isn’t. Many bakers who have established their bakery business started with just $500. Now, think about what you need for this business? If you’re a baker, then you already have an oven and a place to cook, these are just enough for you to get started from your home.

Rent a kitchen if you need to Or start cooking at your own home. Sell your baked goods to local businesses and bakeries around you and start your bakery business today and earn some decent income from it.

  • Low investment business
  • Excellent bakery skills
  • Minimum $400 investment
  • Expand your business by opening your own storefronts and running bakery operations
  • Successful bakers earn $40,000-$50,000 and more per year

10. Repairing Services

Repairing Business

Without a lot of investment, you can start your repairing business. Pandemic had all of us stay more at home and people are spending money on house projects and improving certain things. If you’re good at repairing, then why not pursue this business? With good skills, your name will spread with word of mouth and you’ll be getting more calls than ever.

  • Low capital business
  • Skill-based work
  • Growing your business with word of mouth
  • Offer complimentary services over time.


These are the top 10 business ideas you can start under $500 or less in your pocket. You have the skills, you just need the right idea to invest your money and time into. Based on your strengths and strong areas – go with the business that is comfortable and profitable at the same time. Pick your niche and grow that business. No business is small as long as you’re earning profits out of it. So, next time, you think of starting a business with $500, don’t forget this list. Good luck!

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