JioPhone Next by Jio & Google
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JioPhone Next by Jio & Google [Features: Night mode, translate, Affordable 4G & more]

JioPhone Next created by Jio & Google

JioPhone Next by Jio & Google, Jio last year mentioned the collaboration of Google, One of the main investors in Jio and by the looks of it, it’s gonna be most affordable 4G smartphone of 2021. So far we haven’t seen much from the company in terms of pricing as well as, specifications.

Just the date was announced for the availability of the device: 10th September.

JioPhone Next
Source : Google

The promotions from Google we see ton of Good features brought to this budget devices, that we haven’t expected certainly is nice move both by Jio & Google.

One good thing we liked in RelianceAGM 2021 is the phone was featured just 2-3 minutes, and wasn’t really hyped much, so expect good things, as hyping anything becomes as disaster in the end.

After the announcement there, was nothing worth mentioning but Google surprised us by introducing its feature set ->> you read the full blog from Google >>HERE<<

JioPhone Features:-

As, far as we know from the screenshots & GIFs it will be mostly powered by Android 11 ->> GO Edition of android [Just like android one but, lite -or maybe tweaked for better support as Go edition doesn’t support large apps] It will be preloaded with Google Apps & Jio Apps. Mostly won’t have any bloatware other then jio specific apps.

Main Highlights: JioPhone

-Translate Now
-Read Aloud
-Night Mode
-Google Assistant in Regional language Support
-Augumented Reality
-Snapchat lenses

Source : Google

Google, indeed has worked on quite a bit of new features in this price range, mostly it will be shocking to see, how good it will perform. Expected years of update will be around 1-2 years.

Google Camera Go

From the screenshot, we assume that this device comes bundled with Google Camera Go, its Lite version of Google’s infamous GCAM. We see new improvements on Camera Go, as earlier it was featured in Nokia Go Edition device, it had HDR,portrait mode, and basic camera settings. New additions are Night mode. We expect it has portrait mode on front & back.

Google Assistant, Translate & more

In JioPhone Next GIFs, Google has showed that the deivce can fully run, with Google Assitant (Using your voice) be it opening apps or doing small task like reminder,alarm or searching anything it does the Job quite well, Even has support for regional languages – only time will tell how good it will support regional language.

Read aloud: It will give audio in your language, this features uses google translate to read sign boards & menu in your regional language, it will be handy if you travel in India & have difficulty in communicating.

Translate: The JioPhone camera is embedded with translate feature where you hover over signs & notes, to which ever language your comfortable with, for now we expect Hindi to work well, other languages may take few updates.

Additional features: It’s bundled with snapchat lenses with filters and AR to create reels , the library may not be robust at the beginning, but we can expect to expand as per the demand.

That’s about it, JioPhone Next will be soon available around 10 September, we will be covering this device so stay tuned.

what about rumored 5G JioPhone from Jio & Google?

So, we dig deep into Google blog and found out, that the collaboration of Google & Jio was to create infrastructer based solutions for 5G to businesses. With Google Cloud & Jio 5G they will deliver good solutions to the businesses & Startups.

No 5G Based JioPhone as of now

We might not see any affordable 5G Smartphone from either of the company yet. As they are still working on delivering good 4G device first. According to JioPhone Next success we might see successor with 5G chip.

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