Lg Android 12 update list

LG Android 12 update list based on LG UX [update tracker]

LG Android 12 update 

LG android 12 update list based on LG UX, LG was known for their double-tap to wake feature in their early days, The LG UX was well optimized software which really didn’t had any major issues in terms of RAM Managements & Lags.

We haven’t seen many improvements in the LG UX in the Android 11 version, As the company has stopped production, most likely we don’t see many UI changes in Android 12.

If you are a smartphone enthusiast, you would probably know that, In April 2020, Roger Entner, founder and analyst at Recon Analytics, tweeted about the LG exit. The Korean firm has now stopped manufacturing the smartphones and stop selling them as well. 

“Stepping Away from Phone Manufacturing and Sales Enables Company to Focus on Growth Sectors Including EVs, IoT and B2B Solutions”

In addition to that, LG is not out of the competition completely, they will continue to leverage its mobile expertise and develop mobility-related technologies like 6G to help further strengthen competitiveness in other business areas.

Despite this, LG will continue to roll out Android updates. They also mention that they will launch the update on few devices, for a while but they may vary in the regions. 

LG Android 12, 13 Update in The LG smartphones

Standing with their decision, LG Korea launches the list of the device which will get the Android 12, 13 updates.  Unfortunately, it seems like only three devices [LG Wing, LG Velvet(5G), LG Velvet (LTE)] will receive the Android 13 update, the rest will only receive android 11 update.

LG Android 12
Phone nameAndroid 12 updateAndroid 13 update
LG WingEligibleEligible
LG Velvet (5G)EligibleEligible
LG Velvet (LTE)EligibleEligible
LG V50SEligibleNot Eligible
LG V50EligibleNot Eligible
LG V50 ThinQEligibleNot Eligible
LG G8EligibleNot Eligible
LG G8X ThinQ EligibleNot Eligible
LG G8S ThinQEligibleNot Eligible
LG Q31EligibleNot Eligible
LG Q52EligibleNot Eligible
LG Q92 5GEligibleNot Eligible
LG V60 ThinQ 5GEligibleNot Eligible
LG V60 ThinQ 5G UWEligibleNot Eligible
LG Stylo 6EligibleNot Eligible
LG K92 5GEligibleNot Eligible
LG K42EligibleNot Eligible
LG K71EligibleNot Eligible
LG K62EligibleNot Eligible
LG K22EligibleNot Eligible
LG K52EligibleNot Eligible
LG K31EligibleNot Eligible
LG Android 12 Eligibility List

Most Likely the Korean version of LG devices will receive the update first, and only LG knows when they will roll out for the Global version & carrier version. Many carrier-locked devices get the update too late because of the tedious approval process.

Roadmap of LG Smartphone provided by LG Korea for Android 11

LG usually offers 2 Years of Android update. Unfortunately, we do not see any device from LG Q and LG W series, but we will update, as soon as we get any update regarding this. This is the current status of the update.

Phone nameRollout DateStatus
LG Velvet (5G)April 2021Completed
LG G8XQ3 2021Testing
LG Velvet (LTE)Q4 2021Testing
LG G8SQ4 2021Testing
LG WingQ4 2021Testing
LG K52Q4 2021Testing
LG K42Q4 2021Testing

How to download update:

If you have an eligible LG smartphone, your phone will automatically receive a notification. Otherwise, you can also check manually by heading to Settings >> System >> Update Centre.

So, Will your device get these updates? [Our Opinion]

We can say LG lag behinds other OEM. Their Hardware is top-notch but their software is not that competitive, they look pretty lazy for the android updates as well. They are not consistent in the updates. they have launched the roadmap for LG android 12 and 13 updates while many of the LG devices still waiting for the Android 11 update.

Apart from this, as LG has clarified by themselves, that they will continue to offer the Android update for a certain time. So, you don’t have to worry, your eligible device will receive the update “LG Android 12 will certainly be waiting game for users”.

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