LG Velvet Android 11

LG Velvet Android 11 Update

LG Velvet Android 11 update 4G model:

LG Velvet Android 11, after the exit announcement form LG, they seem to be struggling in the past few years with their devices. These smartphones neither cheer up the users with any astonishing feature nor with the Android update. They do not look that competitive as Samsung or Realme in the market either.

LG Velvet LTE version is getting the update, the 5G version have already received android 11 update

However, LG has committed to roll-out it’s existing devices with updates. Recently, LG announced an Android 11 update in LG Velvet, in the Korean Community forum. 

LG Velvet was launched on 28th October 2020 with Android 10, unlike the Velvet 5G which uses snapdragon 765G, the LTE is powered by a Snapdragon 845. Now it is rolling the Android 11 update based on LG UX9

Update Catalog:

Along with the Android update, certain new functions also got the update.

  •  Phone’s default camera app gets a new ‘Quick View’ mode, a ‘Night Time Lapse Mode’, and an in-built QR scanner. 
  • Notification history, chat bubbles will be a part of this update.
  •  Quick View and Night Time Lapse, along with the native ability to scan QR Codes will be added

How long will it get updates:

As per LG, track record and history they do provide 2 years of OS updates for most of their premium devices, LG Velvet is no exception, as it was released with Android 10 out-of-the-box.

Its expected to get the LG UX Android 12 update as well, if things are good with LG, we may not see any improvements in LG UX as it has stopped making devices, mostly just few features added along with Android 12.

Android 10 out-of-the-box || First Update>>Android 11 || Second Update>>Android 12 [Last update]

How to update your LG Velvet:

Be sure to backup important stuff on Google photos, or cloud.

Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update

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