Motorola Moto G40 Fusion Android 12 with MyUX
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Motorola Moto G40 Fusion: Android 12 Finally Arrives

Moto G40 Fusion Software Update:

Motorola has finally released the Android 12 update to the Moto G40 Fusion device. The latest Android 12 update comes with the firmware version S2R132.32-20-7 which brought some improvements and enhancements to the device. This is good news for Moto users since the downfall, the company has been releasing updates for its devices now.

Motorola Moto G40 Fusion was released on 1st May,2021 with Android 11 out-of-the box.

Moto devices launched with Android 12 have quick setting functionalities for smoother use and the Android 12 upgrade brings the new feature Camera Indicator which tells which app is actively using the Camera. Users can still manage to update camera privacy permissions in the settings.

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Motorola is one of the OEMs to implement material UI to its Android 12 version of devices with its MyUX, and it runs on the vanilla version of android 12, almost similar to pixel devices in terms of user experience with additional benefits of No-Ads & No-Bloatware on its devices.

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Reported Issues:

  • We had a few users report issues, we might not have any fix for this but we letting them know in case you want to upgrade your Moto G40 fusion to Android 12
  • Consistently lagging through the UI of the Device.
  • Keyboard Not Working
  • Some Apps might crash in some scenarios.

Update Details

  • Device: Motorola Moto G40 Fusion
  • Android: Android 12
  • Firmware version: S2R132.32-20-7
  • Update type: Stable
  • Update size: 1.30 GB
  • Reported on: 4th July 2022
Motorola Moto G40 Fusion Android 12

Source: Tipped by Prashanta Kumar Hota on Twitter

Official Changelog

  • Android 12
    • Devices launched on Android 12 include these quick setting functionalities, and those upgrading to Android 12 include the camera indicator, notifying when an app is actively using the camera.
    • Users upgrading to Android 12 still have the ability to update such camera privacy permissions in their settings. Settings > Privacy > Privacy Dashboard > Camera > Manage permissions.
  • Android Security
  • What to know before you download
    1. The process is Secure
    2. You won’t lose any personal information
    3. You can continue using your device while the update is installed

How long did Motorola take for the update?

Android OSUpdateRelease Date/StatusEstimated Months
Android 11Out-of-the-boxAugust 2021Nil
Android 12First OS updateJuly 20229 months
Android 13Second/Last OS updateUnconfirmedUnconfirmed
Roadmap of Android OS update (Motorola MotoG40 Fusion)

How long will it get updates?

Motorola Moto G40 Fusion came with Android 11 out-of-the-box. The device has now received its first major OS update of Android 12.

However, it is still unconfirmed whether the device will be eligible for the upcoming Android 13 update considering the slow rollout of updates from Motorola.

  • Out-of-the-box: Android 11
  • First update: Android 12
  • Second update: Android 13 [Possibly Last update – unconfirmed]

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How to update your Motorola device?

Motorola G40 Fusion with Android 12 update is rolling out and will reach all the users soon. You can follow the steps below to update your device to the latest Android 12 OS:

  • Go to Settings >> System >> About >> Update

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