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Nokia Android 11 Update Tracker : Devices that have received the update so far yes

Nokia Android 11 Update Tracker : Devices that have received the update so far yes, Nokia was once the champion of the smartphone market but know they are just barely surviving in the market Nevertheless Nokia was one the best OEM’s to offer their devices with software update last year and though this year they have been slacking due to covid but still they have offered many of their devices with android 11 update.

Nokia is one those brands who is sticking with Google’s android one program to offer near stock like experience with fast security updates all their devices have been promised of 2 years of software updates, thats a good thing for the end users but their device aren’t actually worthy purchase as most of their mid-range devices come with budget processors which at the long run won’t satisfy users need, also they give less storage and ram options compared to their Chinese counterparts.

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Nokia android 11
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Nokia Android 11 – List of Devices

  • Nokia 8.3 5G – from 02 February 2021 ✅ – Receiving batch-wise
  • Nokia 8.1 – Q4 2021
  • Nokia 5.3 – Q4 2021
  • Nokia 2.2 – Q4 2021
  • Nokia 1.3 – Q1 2021
  • Nokia 4.2 – Q1 2021
  • Nokia 2.3 – Q1 2021
  • Nokia 2.4 – Q1 2021
  • Nokia 3.4 – Q1 2021
  • Nokia 3.2 – Q1-Q2 2021
  • Nokia 7.2 – Q1-Q2 2021
  • Nokia 6.2 – Q1-Q2 2021
  • Nokia 9 PureView – Q2 2021
  • Nokia 1 Plus – Q2 2021

New Nokia Devices launched 2020-21 – Nokia Android 11

  • Nokia 5.4
  • Nokia C3 – Expected

Though Nokia hasn’t mentioned anything about their new releases which are unfortunately launched with android 10, and is yet to get android 11 update but there is no timeline when the android 11 update may arrive to these devices. All of them majorly come with android one program which provides 2 year OS updates and 3 year of security updates.

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Nokia is rolling-out updates in phased manner and may arrive for few devices and selected country first, wait for your turn and have patience. Nokia android 11 updates are delayed quite a bit this time around.

So, lets discuss more about Nokia android updates and how long will it take for the update to arrive, so far we haven’t seen any of the devices mentioned on HMD globals listing updater apart from Nokia 8.3 5G, Its already been end of Q1 2021 and so far only handful of devices have gotten only security patches which is also a bit delayed and users aren’t getting monthly updates.

How long will it take for the android 11 update to arrive the company hasn’t revealed any beta releases or information regarding the same, but interesting thing to note is their brand was considered the most ethical brand, But we still think this year is worse for them, the android 12 previews are also on works and soon we may see the beta update releases as well.

#1 in trust rankings for a second year* – “Not Anymore”

“Nokia lead the Trust Rankings Based on Software, Security Updates and Build Quality”

For the year 2019 & 2020 their were top rated update provider next to Google, But this year it has changed and the company isn’t much on media about the issue and problem they are facing, their commitment this year is lacking and I would say they below #6 in ranking this year 2021 for major-OS updates.


Nokia was one the prominent OEM’s to roll-out updates last year but this year we see a drastic slow-down in major OS update, this time Samsung has been great in providing software update to their devices even some of its budget devices have received android 11 update.

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