Nothing Phone 1 Back Lighting Features Revealed
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Nothing Phone 1: Back Lighting Features Revealed

What Makes “Nothing” Special?

Nothing Phone 1 is all set to enter the smartphone market on July 12th. While the device is yet to launch, the company has already started creating hype for Nothing Phone 1 revealing some impressive details and features which we’re going to discuss today.

So far, we haven’t had a chance to experience the complete device but recently, a famous Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, unveiled the features of the upcoming Nothing Phone 1 in his video. He demonstrates both the front and rear of the device in the video. We get a decent look at the phone in terms of design. With the sleek front design and two cameras at the back, at first, it is similar to other smartphones in the market currently mainly has a resemblance to iPhone.

But the features and the back panel lighting of the device make Nothing Phone 1 look different and unique in terms of outer display. What does the back panel have in store for us? Let’s find out.

Nothing Phone 1 Back Lighting with 900 LEDS
Source: MKBHD

What’s in the Back Panel?

The back panel is the most spectacular part of Nothing Phone 1. While the front panel of the device is just like any other smartphone, the back panel is what makes it stand out from the rest of them. Nothing Phone 1 has lights on the back of the phone which is actually called the GLYPH user interface feature which will let users control the lights on the back of their phone in many different ways.

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There are over 900 LEDs with lights covering the areas of dual cameras, a wireless charging pad in the middle, one exclamation-looking mark near the charging port and one stripe in the upper corner. These lights will start blinking or light up whenever you have a phone call or a text message.

Key Features:

  • Over 900 LEDs for Premium Notification Experience
  • With GLYPH Interface Back-lights can be configured to various Notification
  • Can be used to light up the Environment for Camera Usage
  • Configured to showcase battery level Indicator, through the bottom LEDs
  • The Middle Section of the Device has the Most LEDs, which has the main lit-up section while wireless charging:
    • It lights up while charging wirelessly
    • As well as while using reverse-wireless charging, like TWS headphones or Peripheral that support wireless charging.
  • Has additional Red LED: Just for the Purpose of Video Recording
  • And it is widely used: Alarm, Notifications, Calls & Camera
Nothing Phone 1 GLYPH Interface
Source: MKBHD

GLYPH Interface

So, the GLYPH Interface actually has a lot of functions and customizations in the phone’s settings. Users will be able to control the light arrangement on the back panel of the Nothing Phone 1 using this new feature. You can use this feature to synchronize several ring tones with blinking lights and phone sounds. There are actually ten built-in ringtones and with the blinking lights feature, you may not want to keep your phone on Silent. The LEDs, on the other hand, can be programmed for various types of notifications.

One more cool feature is the light bar near the charging port. As soon as you plug in your USB Type C Charger, the light bar will light up which indicates the level of the battery. The bar would turn off after some seconds but you can just shake or wiggle your phone to stimulate and check the battery level.

Nothing released their Ear 1 Earbuds with a transparent look on the tail of the earbuds giving it an elegant transparent theme. The transparency theme has evolved with their Nothing Phone 1 device which makes it look different and unique from the rest.

Main Disadvantage: If you use a back-cover without transparency, the LEDs are technically useless but they may have a few additional merch or peripherals to support their unique proposition.

The Bottom Line

Some might say Nothing Phone 1 comes off as the “iPhone of Android”. The bottom line is Nothing is actually taking it to the next level with their back panel lighting and GLYPH Interface. It would be cool to sync your notifications with that backlighting and though it’s rarely seen nowadays, some of them are actually new features introduced by the company. We’re still waiting for the launch of the device on July 12th and now, we have to see what’s more in the store of Nothing Phone 1.

You can watch the complete video here: Nothing Phone (1): The Nothing Phone LOOKS Different

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