Oneplus 7 Pro - OxygenOS - June 2021 Security Patch
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OnePlus 7 Pro Software Update: OxygenOS 11 update with OxygenOS

OnePlus 7 Pro Software Update

On 27th July 2021, OnePlus officially announced the latest OnePlus 7 Pro Software Update with the OxygenOS rolled out for the North American (NA) region as of now.

The update is currently live in North America and will soon expand to Europe and India as per the official statement of the OnePlus 7 Pro Software Update. The roll-out is incremental, so only a few users have received the update till now.

The latest OnePlus 7 Pro Software Update brings a number of fixes to the OnePlus 7 Pro device, some performance boosts, improvements and it updates the system security with the June 2021 Android Security Patch.

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Update Details

  • Device: OnePlus 7 Pro
  • Android: Android 11
  • OxygenOS: OxygenOS [OxygenOS 11]
  • Build number:
    • EU:
    • GLO:​
  • Android Security Patch: June 2021
  • Update type: Software update
  • Update size:
    • version: 136 MB
Oneplus 7 Pro - OxygenOS
Oneplus 7 Pro OxygenOS - 1

Credit: Dr Jo on Twitter

Official Changelog

  • System
    • Reduced Power consumption.
    • Improved overheating control management.
    • Fixed the issue of not being able to play high-definition videos on some video platforms.
    • Upgraded Android Security Patch to 2021.06.
  • File Manager
    • Fixed the crash issue of the application.
  • Camera
    • Fixed the issue that the camera is blurred when shooting on fullscreen size.
    • Improved the stability.
  • Phone
    • Optimized the dialpad UI display effect.

How long did OnePlus take for the major OS updates?

Android OSUpdateRelease Date/StatusEstimated Months
Android 9 PieOut-of-the-boxMay 2019Nil
Android 10First OS updateOctober 20191 month
Android 11Second/Last OS updateMarch 20216 months
Roadmap of Android OS update

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How long will it get updates?

The OnePlus 7 Pro has received two major OS updates with Android 10 and 11. But Oneplus has promised 3 year OS updates for its flagship series of devices.

Hence, the Android 12 update should probably be the last major OS update on this device.

But it will continue to receive Security Updates or the OxygenOS updates next year at least.

  • Out-of-the-box>> Android 9 Pie
  • First update>> Android 10
  • Second update>> Android 11
  • Third update>> Android 12 [Last update]

How to update your OnePlus device with the latest OxygenOS update?

The OnePlus 7 Pro Software update has been released in North America currently and will soon expand to other regions. Once it’s available on your device, you will receive a notification regarding the software update.

Then, you can head over to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update section to update your OnePlus 7 Pro with the latest OxygenOS

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