Oneplus 7T OxygenOS with December 2021 Security Patch
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Oneplus 7T: OxygenOS with December 2021 Security Patch

Oneplus 7T Software Update:

Oneplus has started to push the incremental rollout of Oxygen OS for Oneplus 7T devices with the December 2021 Security Patch. It has also resolved an issue in WhatsApp where users were not able to send and receive files.

This OTA will have a staged rollout which will be received by a limited number of users today and will have a broader rollout in a few days after making sure they are devoid of critical bugs.

Oneplus 7T was released on 27th September,2019 with Android 10 out of the box.

Previously it was seen with October 2021 Security Patch, with a peculiar fix in the displaying call, as it had a delay which resulted to show the callers name after a few seconds.

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Oneplus team making sure to better optimize and improve several key areas. Learning from past experience. Both Realme & Oneplus have picked up their pace in updating their devices to the latest security patch.

Update Details

  • Device: OnePlus 7T 
  • Android: Android 11
  • OxygenOS: OxygenOS
  • Build number:
    • IN:
    • EU:
    • GLO:​
  • Android Security Patch: December 2021
  • Update type: Software update/Security Update
  • Release date: 23rd December 2021
Oneplus 7T December 2021 Security Patch

Source: OnePlus Community

Official Changelog:

  • System
    • Fixed the issue that WhatsApp cannot send and receive media files
    • Updated Android Security Patch to 2021.12
    • Improved system stability

How long did OnePlus take for the major OS updates?

Android OSUpdateRelease Date/StatusEstimated Months
Android 10Out-of-the-boxOctober 2019Nil
Android 11First OS updateMarch 202116 months
Android 12Second OS updateEligibleUnconfirmed
Android 13Third/Last OS updateEligible – Not sure yetUnconfirmed
Android Roadmap(Oneplus 7T)

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How long will it get updates?

The OnePlus 7T has received one major OS update with Android 11. But Oneplus has promised 3 years of OS updates for its flagship series of devices.

Hence, it is eligible to receive two more major OS updates with Android 12 and Android 13 expectedly.

  • Out-of-the-box>> Android 10
  • First update>> Android 11
  • Second update>> Android 12 [Eligible]
  • Third update>> Android 13 [Eligible] [Last update]

How to update your OnePlus device with the latest Software Update?

The OnePlus 7T OxygenOS Update is currently rolling out. It is expected to expand to other regions reportedly and will soon follow.

If you’ve not received the OTA notification yet, then please follow the below steps:
check system updates manually by heading over to Settings > System > System Updates

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