Oneplus 9RT OxygenOS 12 Open Beta 1 with Android 12
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OnePlus 9RT: OxygenOS 12 Open Beta 1 [Android 12]

OnePlus 9RT Software Update:

OnePlus has started rolling out the Open Beta 1, OxygenOS 12 based on Android 12, for OnePlus 9RT users. Users can participate in their Open Beta program and all the participants should update Open Beta to the latest version to meet the latest upcoming build.

OnePlus 9RT was launched on February 17, 2022 with Android version 11 out-of-the-box.

Please keep in mind that this is a beta version of the program. These builds do not have the same level of stability as the official OTAs. There can be some risks associated with the installation of the beta version of the program.

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Previous Update: OnePlus 9RT received the April 2022 security patch update last month which brought some major and minor improvements in the system area of the device. For full changelog details, you can refer to this post here – Oneplus 9RT: April 2022 Security Patch with A.08 Build

Update Details

  • Device: OnePlus 9RT
  • UI: OxygenOS 12
  • Build version: 
    • MT2111_11_A.08Required
    • MT2111_11_C.03Updated
  • Android version: Android 12
  • Update type: Open Beta
  • Android Security Patch: April 2022
  • Release date: 24th June 2022
Oneplus 9RT OxygenOS 12 Open Beta 1

Source: Oneplus Community

Official Changelog

  • New design
    • Optimized desktop icons with improved textures, by using a design inspired by brand-new materials and uniting lights and layers
  • Performance
    • Newly added Quick launch, a feature that detects the apps you use frequently and pre-loads them so you can open them quickly
    • Newly added a chart to display your battery usage
    • Optimized the auto-brightness algorithm to adapt screen brightness to more scenes for a comfortable screen reading experience
  • Dark mode
    • Newly supported three adjustable levels, bringing a more personalized and comfortable user experience
  • Shelf
    • Newly added style options for Cards, making data contents more visual and easier to read
    • Newly added Earphone Control Card with Bluetooth earphone one-click adjustment
    • Newly added access to OnePlus Scout in Shelf, allowing you to search multiple contents on your phone, including Apps, Settings, Media Data, etc
    • Newly added OnePlus Watch Card in Shelf, to easily glance at your health status
  • Work-Life Balance
    • Newly added Work-Life Balance feature, allowing you to effortlessly switch between Work and Life mode via quick settings
    • Supported automatic Work/Life mode switching, based on specific locations, Wi-Fi network, and time, also bringing customized App notification profiles according to the personalization
  • Gallery
    • Newly supported switching between different layouts with a two-finger pinch gesture, intelligently recognizing the best-quality pictures, and cropping the thumbnail based on the content, making the gallery layout more pleasing
  • Canvas AOD
    • Newly added diverse styles of lines and colours, for a more personalized lock screen experience with inspiring visuals
    • Newly added multiple brushes and strokes and support for colour adjustment
  • Games
    • Optimized the gaming experience in team fight scenes
    • Newly added the HyperBoost end-to-end frame rate stabilizer
  • Camera
    • Optimized the display of camera modes on the menu bar
    • Optimized the experience of zooming in or out when shooting videos with a rear camera
  • Accessibility
    • Newly added visuals to text instructions for an intuitive understanding of accessibility functions
    • Newly supported more system apps in TalkBack, including Photos, Phone, Mail, and Calendar
    • Optimized categorization of functions by grouping them into vision, hearing, interactive actions, and general
  • Note: These instructions are only for the OnePlus 9RT. Please make sure the battery level is above 30% and a minimum of 4GB storage space is available.

How long did OnePlus take for updates?

The OnePlus 9RT has been released with an Android 11 out of the box. So, the upcoming Android 12 update will be its first major OS update after the Open Beta programs

Android OSUpdateRelease Date/StatusEstimated Month
Android 11Out-of-the-boxApril 2021Nil
Android 12First OS updateOpen Beta 1
Android 13Second OS updateUnconfirmed
Android 14Third OS updateUnconfirmed
OnePlus 9RT – Android Roadmap

How long will it get updates?

The OnePlus 9RT was released with Android 11 out of the box. After this Open Beta 1 program, the device is expected to get a stable update soon. Stay tuned for more updates on the OnePlus 9RT.

OnePlus will give two years of major OS updates and three years of Security updates.

Android 13 will probably be the last major OS update on the device.

  • Out-of-the-box: Android 11
  • First Update: Android 12 [Open Beta]
  • Second Update: Android 13

How to update your OnePlus device with the latest Software Update?

OnePlus 9RT OxygenOS 12 with Open Beta 1 program is rolling out and the participants will be able to access the features of this version and the subsequent build to come in the future.

Once the update is available on your device, you can head over to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update section to update your OnePlus device with the latest update.

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