Oneplus Nord 2 Software Update Hotfix with A.16 Build
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OnePlus Nord 2 Software Update: Hotfix with A.16 Build

OnePlus Nord 2 Software Update:

OnePlus released December 2021 Security Patch for OnePlus Nord 2, along with further optimization on the system performance and behaviour of the device this update was released on 25th of December 2021 with A.15 Build but for some reason, there were few issues in the update, So they had released Hotfix for the same update & A.16 Build with a bit of change & additions with ~183 MB file size.

This update brings improvements in video stability in AI Enhancement mode, as well as brings a fix in Bluetooth devices where calls were unclear when connected. It also brings a fix in Google call recording in India.

OnePlus Nord 2 was released in July 2021 with Android 11, OxygenOS 11.3 out-of-the-box.

Previous UpdateOnePlus Nord 2: December 2021 Security Patch with A.15 Build

The previous update had bought a few internal system bugs & fixes which occurred on various devices, It had been running on December 2021 Security Patch, the device has received two updates last month alone, the first was simple OTA, that had internal improvements, the new update brings latest security patch.

When will it Android 12 with OxygenOS 12?

Just recently, the OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro, Got the latest android 12 builds with OxygenOS 12, they have mentioned the timeline we may expect the Other Older flagship & Nord Series will get. As per the OnePlus officials and community experts, Most devices will start the beta program in First Quarter 2022 and by the end or beginning of the 2nd Quarter, most devices will run stable Android 12.

OnePlus Nord 2 | Android 12 – Expected timeline 1st Quarter 2022

Update details

  • Device: OnePlus Nord 2
  • Android: Android 11
  • OxygenOS: OxygenOS 11.3 with A.16 Build
  • Build number: 
    • IN: DN2101_11.A.16
    • EU:DN2103_11.A.16
    • NA: DN2103_11.A.16​
  • Update type: Software update
  • Security Patch: December 2021
  • Update size: 183 MB
Oneplus Nord 2 Hotfix with A.16 Build

Source: Our own Twitter Profile – Updatifynow

Official changelog

  • System
    • Updated Android Security Patch to 2021.12
    • Fixed the loss of Google call recording —(IN only)
    • Fixed known issues and improved system stability
  • Camera
    • Improved video stability when AI Video Enhancement is on
  • Bluetooth
    • Fixed the issue of unclear calls on connected Bluetooth devices
  • Update Size: 183 MB

How long did OnePlus take for the major OS updates?

Android OSUpdateRelease Date/StatusEstimated Months
Android 11Out-of-the-boxJuly 2021Nil
Android 12First OS updateEligibleExpected 2022
Android 13Second OS updateEligibleUnconfirmed
Android Roadmap(OnePlus Nord 2)

How long will it get updates?

The OnePlus Nord 2 has been released with an Android 11 out-of-the-box. So, the upcoming Android 12 update will be its first major OS update.

OxygenOS 12 New Features & Eligible Devices

It is also Eligible to be on the Android 13 update list as well. And it may probably be the last major OS update on the device.

  • Out-of-the-box: Android 11
  • First update: Android 12 [Eligible]
  • Second update: Android 13 [Eligible] [Last update]

The OnePlus Nord 2 will get two years of major Android upgrades and three years of security patches reportedly.

Previous Updates:

How to update OnePlus Nord 2 with the latest update?

The OnePlus Nord 2 Software Update – OxygenOS 11.3 with A.16 update is an OTA update. So, it is expected to reach all the users soon.

Once it’s available on your device, you can head over to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update section to update your OnePlus device with the update.

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