Orbit A revamped Oneplus Community App
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Orbit – A Revamped OnePlus Community App

What is Orbit?

Orbit is a community app, just like forums or community page but better in terms of user experience and community driven platform, Solely focused on boosting and sharing experience of Content Creation for OnePlus users.

Orbit App by Oneplus – Still in testing phase and needs 100 seed users

It will be built to streamline the experience of solving problems and enhancing the experience, with simple methods, be it reporting bugs or engaging with photos taken by the OnePlus Device. And creating a new circle for like minded people, with better suggestions & exploration.

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Oneplus formed a new Oneplus user community, Through which Oneplus can receive feedback and valuable suggestions from users regarding the Oneplus Community product experience. so they can provide better service to their users.

It uses machine learning algorithms for better user suggestions & engagement in the App, As the name suggests “Orbit” it will be an App to make the OnePlus product better

–>> Research>Product>Develop>Feedback –>> Repeat

The name for the application was suggested by Oneplus long-standing community expert  @cdnfarmer. The term “orbit” is often used to describe the path that a satellite travels around the earth. so, Oneplus conveying with the name “Orbit” is, they aspire to gather OnePlus users from all over the world to co-create a better, ever-more inclusive Community, delivering a fresh product experience and invigorated community culture.

The Orbit Open Beta will be available on Oct 20 at 17:00 HKT

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Mainly the product managers, developers, and UX designers will be joining the Orbit project to engage in close consultation with users. The user’s crucial ideas and input will then be reviewed and implemented by the OnePlus Community team. Every month, They will share the results of their co-creation through an updated iteration plan. Users will be able to help them to build a better Community experience until June 2022. The user’s voice matters and shapes the result with their efforts

Orbit App launch date > Expected date of Arrival: June 2022 or Later

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Features of ORBIT

  • Optimized core functions, for an optimal user experience
    • Using your constructive suggestions as to the focal point, They transformed the overall user experience. Important improvements include the content creation experience, greater user interaction, instant notification system, and a refreshed visual direction.
  • Streamlined content creation experience
    • They implemented a brand-new content format “Moment” to highlight your personal photography content. Through this tool, you can post your thoughts freely on Orbit using both text and images. In addition, the dedicated “Article” format offers rich editing tools to help make your posts and comments even more personal and distinct.
  • New social mode for the perfect atmosphere
    • “Circles” allows you to more easily access your favorite content categories, enabling you to meet other users who share the same interests. You can also create and manage your own circle, allowing you to more easily reach and communicate with people who share your passions.


OnePlus orbit team announced that they are recruiting 100 seed users, who will become the first people personally invited by @Pete to experience the Orbit. If you are passionate about the OnePlus Community and eager to co-create Orbit with them, you can apply by clicking the join below.

Apply now – Join here

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