Realme X7 5G Reame Ui 3.0 with Android 12 - Open Beta
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Realme X7 5G: Realme UI 3.0 with Android 12 – Open Beta

Realme X7 5G Software Update:

Realme has started the Realme UI 3.0 Open Beta application for Realme X7 5G. The application channel opened on 31st May 2022. Through the Open Beta program, Realme fans and users can now experience the new Realme UI 3.0 features in advance. It will also benefit Realme in receiving feedback for their UI and improvising it for the final release.

Realme X7 5G was released on 04th June 2021 with Android 11 Realme UI 2.0 out-of-the-box.

Earlier, the stable version of the device had received the April 2022 security patch update containing some improvements in the security and hotfixes etc. You can find the full details through the link below.

Previous Update: Realme X7 Max 5G: April 2022 Security Patch with C.11 Build

Update Details

  • Device: Realme X7 5G
  • Android: Android 12 – [ Upgraded ]
  • Realme UI: Realme UI 3.0
  • Build number: 
    • RMX3092_11.F.03
  • Update type: Trial- Open Beta
  • Update Size: ~4.57 GB
  • Android Security Patch: From April 2022
  • Release date: 31st May 2022
Realme X7 Realme UI 3.0 Open Beta

Source: Realme Community

Instructions For The Beta Program

  • Please make sure your phone is not rooted.
  • To prevent data loss, please backup your personal data before proceeding.
  • The latest Open Beta version will be chosen as the stable version and rolled out to all users, there is no difference if you have already joined the Open Beta program.
  • Some third-party application versions might not be compatible with Android 12 yet, after updating these applications might not be available or crash down on your device. Therefore, it is recommended to update all your applications to the latest version available in the Play Store before your update.
  • The Open Beta versions may have an unpredictable impact on your phone and affect on daily use.
  • Please ensure that the available phone storage is more than 5GB. Otherwise, there will be a risk of update failure (To check the phone storage head to Settings > Additional Settings > Storage).
  • Due to unpredictable factors such as network communication and strategy adjustment, it is not possible to guarantee that every applicant will receive the update. In case the update is not received, we suggest you patiently wait for the official release.
  • Preparation: Your Realme X7 5G device should have a 60%+ battery.

Common Known Issues

  • After the upgrade, it may take a longer time to boot for the first time, especially if there are many third-party applications on your phone.
  •  After the upgrade, in order to improve the system operation efficiency and eliminate potential safety risks, the system will perform a series of actions such as application adaptation, background optimization and security scanning which may cause slight hanging and faster power consumption.

Guidelines for the Open Beta Program

  • Make sure to update to the required version: RMX3092_11.F.03

Manually downloading link:

  • Apply for the Open Beta via the Software Update Application channel: 

(Settings > Software Update > Tap on the settings icon in the top right corner > Trial Version > Submit your details > Apply Now).

  • You will receive the latest update if the application passes the review.

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