One UI Watch Based on WearOS

Samsung One UI Watch UX based on Wear OS unveiled at the MWC 2021

Samsung introduced the One UI Watch (based on Wear OS) user experience to the world at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) today on 29th June 2021. Samsung gave the users a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches.

Earlier samsung galaxy watch had, TizenOS powered watch’s which was good but had limitations, and not great ecosystem for app support unlike WearOS built by Google.

At the I/O 2021, Google and Samsung announced that they were going to work together in introducing the Wear OS to the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches instead of using just Tizen, Samsung’s own Smartwatch OS.

Google’s Wear project director Bjorn Kilburn said, “We’re bringing the best of Wear and Tizen into a single, unified platform. By working together we have been able to take strengths of each and combine them into an experience that has faster performance, longer battery life and more of the apps you love available for the watch.”

One UI Watch : Interface Based on WearOS

So, far we don’t know on which devices it will be running the One UI Watch interface currently, but we will update as soon as we get the information.

Both Google & Samsung joined hands, in designing the current Android version in order to give great competition to Apple, certainly so far, we have just seen great collaboration from Google & Samsung on Android 12 to One UI Watch everything has a great design and built for the long term.

Wear OS

Wear OS (also known simply as Wear and formerly Android Wear) is a version of Google’s Android OS designed for smartwatches and other wearables. Wear OS integrates Google Assistant technology and mobile notifications into a smartwatch form factor. Wear OS supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE connectivity, as well as a range of features and applications.

One UI

One UI is a software overlay developed by Samsung Electronics for its Android devices running Android Pie and higher. It is designed to make using larger smartphones easier and become more visually appealing.

One UI Watch user experience [Features, Functions]

One UI Watch Features
Source : Samsung

Seamless Experience

Source : Samsung

A] Auto app installation – When you install any watch-equipped app on your Galaxy Smartphone, it will automatically install/download on the Smartwatch. The applications will appear on the One UI watch automatically.

B] Layout of Settings – The layout of the settings on your One UI Watch will closely resemble the layout of the settings on your Galaxy Smartphone.

C] Customized Clock – If you customize the clock on your Galaxy Smartphone, the same clock will appear on your One UI watch. Hence, the sync feature is available for in the Smartwatch for the Clock.

D] Block Feature – If you block any number/messages on your Galaxy Smartwatch, the One UI will sync the blacklisted numbers on your Galaxy Smartphone as well.

App Ecosystem

A] Google Apps – The Google apps are now available to operate on the Galaxy Smartwatch. Apps like Google Maps, YouTube Music, Messages can now be used on the One UI Watch.

B] Other Apps – There are a whole number of new watch-equipped applications available on the One UI Watch to be used. The apps like Spotify, Bitmoji, Calm, Strava, etc are some of them.

Watch Face Design Tool

There is a new and upcoming Watch Face Design Tool that will soon be available to Android Developers. It will help the designers create new and customized watch face designs as per the users. The tool is very simple to use as per Google.

So, these are the new and exciting features that will reportedly be available in the latest upcoming Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch. This Samsung One UI Watch will be the first Smartwatch to be based on Wear OS.

It is certainly an exciting time for the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch users as the new One UI watch will be the start of a new era among Smartwatches. Time will tell how efficiently the new functions/feature will perform, till then be sure to follow us on all social media platforms to never miss an update of Android related news and stuff.

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