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Android 11 – Smartphones launched in January 2021 with or without latest build here’s the list

Smartphones launched in January 2021 with or without android 11 latest build here’s the list.

So it’s 2021 now and OEM’s are still launching their devices with older version of android 10 build and expect to give OTA for android 11 later and diminish the update cycle with one more major update and telling the users that we have provided with 2 major software updates but technically they launched with old version of android.

Here the lis of other devices getting android 11

Google has done alot and forced the manufacturers to rollout security updates etc. And show cased security updates will be given from Google directly on the play store long back but we haven’t seen any updates from that process and still stuck with OEM updates with lot of bugs.

Samsung Devices launched in Jan, 2021

Samsung Android 11

Their Flagship line of devices the S-Series

  • Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

All of their devices where launched with latest build of android 11 with OneUI 3.1 It’s surprising to see Samsung push latest build on their device and Samsung also promised to give 3 years of major updates and 4 year of security updates for its Flagship series of devices.

Budget Series:

  • Samsung Galaxy M02
  • Samsung Galaxy M02s

These budget series of devices were launched in India and were targeted for budget centric users but they arrived with old OneUI 2.0 with android 10 on board which is not bad but android 11 should’ve been a better way to go, as hardly 1 to no major OS updates are provided in that price range. Let’s see what samsung does will it give android 11 update or not.

Tracker for Samsung Devices for android 11 update

Samsung is climbing up on their software game with the launch of OneUI they have considerably improved both in UI/UX aspect as well as consistency on their higher-end and some mid-tier devices.

Xiaomi Devices launched in Jan, 2021

  • Mi 10i

The Mi 10i unfortunately comes with android 10 and there isn’t any timeline for android 11 update soon! , Xiaomi is one of those companies which gives all the latest features of newer version of android on older version with MIUI, Users get MIUI updates more frequent then major OS updates.

Xiaomi has recently released its MIUI 12.5 with tweaks appreciated by the users as it makes the UI more fast and responsive and more stable as well.

Lava Devices launched in Jan, 2021

  • Lava Z1
  • Lava Z2
  • Lava Z4
  • Lava Z6

Lava is re-entering the Indian market with it’s new Z series of devices but there isn’t much from the software side of things as it run on stock like android but it’s on android 10. And the company focuses on upgrading its hardware like ram & rom storages and hasn’t updated anything about software updates.

OPPO Reno 5 Pro 5G Launched With Dimensity 1000+ SoC

Oppo Android 11

It’s nice to see oppo bundle their new device with android 11 out-of-the-box, It’s no surprise as it’s sister company Vivo were one the first OEM’s apart from Google to launch their new devices with android 11 out-of-the-box.

Tracker for Oppo Devices for android 11 update

LG K42

It’s no surprise from lg to bring their new devices with old android OS , yes k42 comes with android 10 and only LG knows best when they will update it to android 11, as their flagship devices haven’t yet received the update still they are testing and giving beta builds.


This above list is mostly target for Indian audience and we will be updating the list with Other countries in mind as well, stay tuned, If you don’t mind you can help us by tweeting which are all the devices launched in your country on our twitter page

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    1. As per the information we have the update may arrive sooner but due legal disputes from Google its most likely android 10 with EMUI 11 it will be seen as android 11 but no new features of android 11 will be added as per the source. The layer what EMUI is developing is on android (Not Google’s Version) so likely it’s more EMUI 11.

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